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Backup4all Professional 8.1

Backs up the user's important data and keeps the files synchronized
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Create backup copies of files and folders and save them on a separate drive or storage device, upload them to an FTP or SFTP server or burn them to CDs or DVDs. The tool includes incremental and differential synchronization capabilities as well as scheduling abilities.

Backup4all Professional can help you protect data integrity by allowing to backup and restore files. Despite the evident complexity of this type of processes, you will not feel overwhelmed at any moment thanks to the excellent design of the program’s interface. In this regard, it is good to notice that it is possible to choose between wizard and advanced modes.

If you decide to create a new backup job in wizard mode, you will be taken through a series of steps which are accompanied by information of what you are doing at the moment. One of the first decisions you will need to make is related to where you want the backup data to be stored. Luckily, the program supports not only local disks but also optic discs, removable drives and networked folders. And more than just that, it lets you send your data to such cloud storage services as Azure, Amazon, OneDrive, Drobox, HiDrive and Hubic. Besides, there is always the possibility of using a customized FTP destination as well.

Now, in terms of what to backup, the tool can backup not only whole drives and specific folders, but also application data and browser profiles, including those kept by Google Chrome, Internet Explorer, Microsoft Edge, Microsoft Outlook and Mozilla Firefox. Not only that, at this point you can also exclude a given type of data by using any of the preset filters or creating one of your own.

One of the best assets of Backup4all Professional is related to the availability of several backup types. In this respect, you can use differential and incremental backups if you want to save storage space by creating a copy of new and modified files only. Moreover, it is possible to use full and mirror backups for a more exact copy. Yet, most of the users would prefer to use the Smart backup type since it combines the benefits of all of the above with cleanup operations for a more efficient use of the available storage space and network bandwidth.

It is good to notice that the program can protect the privacy of the data by using powerful encryption algorithms. However, unlike other similar software, the user is not given the opportunity which kind of encryption to use.

Since backing up data is a tiresome process that many users are likely to forget about, it is excellent news that the tool gives you the opportunity to schedule backups based on a given frequency, certain events or a specific date and time. In addition, you can configure the program to send you a notification to your email inbox whenever a backup is performed. The reverse process to backing up is evidently restoring data. Fortunately, recovering the data lost due to an undesirable situation is even easier than backing it up.

All in all, Back4all Professional is one of the best software of its kind available right now. It combines the simplicity of its usage with a lot of features. Besides the Professional edition described in this review, the product is also available in Lite and Standard editions, with a different set of features and prices.

Pedro Castro
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  • Performs various types of backups
  • Allows smart backups
  • Wizard-based job creation
  • Data encryption
  • Various types of target locations, including Cloud storage
  • Job scheduler
  • Can back up specific blocks of data instead of whole files


  • The user cannot decide which type of encryption to use
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